Governments Tracker // EU

MEPs have voted a new regulation under which all EU citizens and third country nationals entering or leaving the EU will be systematically checked against databases, e.g. of lost and stolen documents. / source

The EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) text, which aims to boost goods and services trade and investment flows, was approved by the European Parliament / source

MEPs from the Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee amended EU car “type approval” rules in a 33-4 vote, "to make environmental and safety testing more independent and strengthen national and EU oversight of cars already on the road". It still has to be validated by the full house. / source

New rules allowing EU citizens with subscriptions for online music, games, films and TV shows to access this content while staying temporarily in another EU country. / source

Georgian citizens will be able to enter the EU without a visa for short stays, under a new law passed by Parliament. / source

Parliament and Council negotiators agreed on wholesale price caps for mobile roaming charges. The agreement still needs to be formally approved by the Industry Committee, Parliament as a whole and national ministers before entering into force. / source

The European Union and Mexico will hold two additional negotiating rounds before the summer as part of an accelerated negotiation schedule for a new, reformed Free Trade Agreement. / source

EU gun law updated : tightens the controls on blank firing and inadequately deactivated weapons, requires EU countries to have a monitoring system in place for the issuance or renewal of licences and to exchange information with one another. / source

Antonio Tajani elected as new Parliament president. His term in office will end in 2019, when the next elections for the European Parliament will be held. / source // a1

MEPs reject EU Commission blacklist of states at risk of money laundering. The list is too limited, and should be expanded, e.g. to include territories that facilitate tax crimes, they said before voting the resolution on Thursday. / source

MEPs back new rules to boost rail travel, opening public contracts to supply domestic passenger rail services in EU countries to bidding. / source

MEPs ban deep-sea fishing below 800 meters in the North-East Atlantic. / source

Three institutions (President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, holder of the rotating Council Presidency, Robert Fico, and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker) sign joint declaration on the EU's legislative priorities for 2017. / source

EU budget for 2017 finalised after Parliament approval. It sets the total level of commitments at €157.86 billion and of payments at €134.49 billion. / source // a1